Lightronic 6pcs 8inch Off Road LED Light Bar Lens Cover Set Double Row Fit Straight /Curved Light Bar (6pcs 8" black)

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Length: 8inch , Width: 3inch .
the width of your light must be 3inch,straight or curved Led Light Bar are applicable
Made of durable Polycarbonate Plastic
If your light is 288W/50 inch LED Light Bar, the 6PCS 8inch covers is very perfect!
package included :6pcs covers


If your LED light bar is 288W/50inch , the 6PCS 8inch covers is very perfect!
With strong penetrating power Amber color fit in dusty foggy conditions while protecting your investment
Add style and protection to your lights with light cover. Giving your vehicle a unique look while also protecting your investment. These light covers are made from a flexible yet durable polycarbonate plastic that offers an extra layer of protection for the lens of your LED light.California laws stipulate that all LED light bars in your car must have BLACK COVER on high way.

You are willing to know how many covers you need
1 pc 6 INCH cover for 7.5 INCH/36W LED LIGHT BAR
2 pcs 6 INCH cover for 13.5 INCH/72W LED LIGHT BAR
2 pcs 6 INCH and 1 pc 8 INCH covers for 120W/20 INCH LED LIGHT BAR
5 pcs 6 INCH for 180W/30 INCH LED LIGHT BAR
8 pcs 6 INCH or 6 pcs 8 INCH for 288W/50 INCH LED LIGHT BAR
7 pcs 6 INCH and 1 pc 8 INCH for 300W 52 INCH LED LIGHT BAR
1 pc 6 INCH and 6 pcs 8 INCH for 54 INCH LED LIGHT BAR.

Flexible Polycarbonate Plastic
Extra Layer of Protection

Color: Black
Material: Polycarbonate Plastic
Size: 3inch*8inch

Package Content:
. 6pcs light cover