Wall Mount Volume Control Knob - Flush In-Wall Plate Rotary Style Adjustment 20 20kHz Frequency Response Companion for Hi-Fi Four-Pair Speaker Selector w/ Audio & Video Compatibility - Pyle PVC1

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ROTARY KNOB ADJUSTMENT: A multi-position light-touch rotary knob style adjustment for whole house audio source volume systems. You can control speaker volume independently within various areas of your home, office or business applications
FOUR-PAIR SPEAKER SELECTOR: Add up to 4 pair of speakers throughout your house and control them all from this wall plate volume control. It maintains the full hi-fi audio frequency response with no low frequency roll-off
20Hz - 20kHz FREQUENCY RESPONSE: Pyle wall mount volume control your speakers to deliver a rich quality sound in the same room as your speakers. This in-wall volume control is designed for wide frequency response range reproducing high-fidelity sound
IN-WALL/WALL PLATE: This whole-house volume control is a universal standard decorative flush in-wall or wall mount installation finishing plate for speaker and stereo system control. It includes mounting ring and other installation wire nuts
100w POWER HANDLING: Pyle flush in-wall volume control works with all audio and video systems up to 100w power. A convenient audio source volume setting that allows you to control speaker volume independently in each audio zone


PyleHome Model : PVC1

Wall Mount Rotary Volume Control

Wall Mount Volume Control, In-Wall Rotary Speaker Volume Knob

  • Speaker & Stereo System Control
  • Convenient Audio Source Volume Setting
  • Audio and Video System Compatibility
  • Flush In-Wall / Wall Mount Installation Plate Style
  • Multi-Position Light-Touch Rotary Knob Adjustment
  • Suitable Companion for Hi-Fi Four-Pair Speaker Selector
  • Perfect for Home, Office or Business Applications

  • Whats in the Box:
  • In-Wall/Wall Plate
  • Decorative Finishing Frame
  • Mounting Ring/Installation Wire Nuts

  • Technical Specs:
  • Universal Standard Wall Plate Size
  • Speaker Connection: Terminal Block, Screw Type
  • 100 Watt Power Load Handling
  • Depth 2.5''